Wireless LAN Surveys

Installing a new wireless network

When it comes to installing a wireless network, a lot of companies will just use guess work when it comes to choosing the number and location of wireless access points they need. They then often end up with a wireless network that is either inefficient or they overestimate their needs and waste money on unnecessary access points.

We can remove this guess work and save time and money by conducting a wireless (RF) survey of your premises and plan the optimum network for your needs. We use the latest wireless network planning software and wireless access points (IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n) to produce a simple to understand report that shows the best locations to install your access points, the signal strength and bandwidth obtained.

Our UK based engineers are highly skilled with both Ekahau Site Survey and AirMagnet software to give highly detailed reports.

Surveys can be undertaken on almost all premises including offices, schools, hospitals, shops, warehouses and even building sites.

Each survey will detail the following:
An outline of the customers requirements of the wireless network e.g. Email, Web, Video, VOIP etc.

Data Rate

Data Rate - Highest possible speed at which the wireless devices will be transmitting data.

Signal Strength

Signal Strength - low signal strength means unreliable connections, and low data throughput.

Signal to noise ratio

Signal to Noise Ratio - the signal must be stronger than noise (SNR greater than zero) for data transfer to be possible.

Access Point Location

Access Point Locations, Channels and Equipment List

Equipment Required
1x Cisco AIR-AP1131AG-E-K9
1x 24-Port Cat6 Patch Panel

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