Communications Room Audit and Assessment

Essential to the success of a business today and in the future is their IT systems and Data networks. Critical to the availability and reliability of IT infrastructure is the environment it operates in.

Data centres and IT environments need to be designed to support 24 x 7 x 365 operation of IT systems and to a Tier category consistent with the criticality of the business it supports.

The Tier rating system defines an availability rating for the Data centre and hence the IT systems it supports.

Whether it is the design of a new Data centre or upgrade of an existing IT environment our CCIE accredited engineers have the knowledge and experience to develop design options that meet a customers business requirements and provide a design specification document. Status surveys of existing IT environments can be undertaken to determine current Tier rating. Our engineer will complete a detailed survey of the IT room and its supporting system and provide a written report detailing current status and and a RAG report covering issues and recommended remedial works.

  • All areas of Data centre design are covered.
  • CONSTRUCTION;- Walls, Raised floors, Ceiling, Doors.
  • POWER – Distribution, UPS, Generator.
  • AIR CONDITIONING – Cooling, Humidity control.
  • SECURITY – Access control, Intruder detection, CCTV
  • FIRE SYSTEMS – Detection, Suppression.
  • BMS REPORTING – Remote and local reporting of environmental alarms.
  • DATA CABLING – Routing, Access ducts.

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