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A Brief History

The company was formed in 1994 by Pat Mackenney, a data communications specialist with over 30 years experience.

Based in North Derbyshire, we have people located throughout the country, thus helping to meet the needs of our clients.

The company has grown steadily over the years and we currently have a staff of over 10 highly proficient and dedicated engineers and project managers.

We have taken key roles in large scale infrastructure installation programmes for a High Street bank and worked in a variety of different premises from piloting branch roll-outs, to the installation of core networks into head office buildings, call centres and data centres.

More recently we have worked with clients in assessing the suitability of their communications rooms to gauge whether they are fit for the purpose intended and have used our experience to highlight where there could be improvement.

Projects we have worked on.

For a High St Bank.
Branch, Regional Office, Head Office, Call Centre & Data Centre network & other installation projects since 1996. These include New Builds, Additions, Rationalisations & Demises. We have worked on Voice, Network, SAN and Server projects.

For a Utility Provider.
Regional Offices Core network installation.

For a Publishing Company.
Communications Room Audit, Assessment & Reporting.

As a Sub-Contractor.
Installation & support of ATM Network, Network Installations & Upgrades.


"..an existing supplier of engineering services that telecoms(sic) have used for over ten years. They built the current Data Centre and Head Office domestic router network for us, amongst many other systems and services. They install 90% plus of Networks kit in UK Data Centres." DPW.

"Just wanted to say a big thank you from me and the team for all your endeavours .... (there's a lot to list) - we can be a demanding bunch and you have been more than up to the task." AR.

"Over the past couple of weekends, you have used good judgement, initiative (when needed) and common sense, to work through the issues and constraints we have had on site... I have felt comfortable with the work being carried out, knowing that you have been on hand and available on site." WH.

"Just a note to say a big thanks for his efforts & flexibility in staying for an extra few hours to get this one 'put to bed'. Very much appreciated,.... he is well worth a drink on the company for saving this dragging on for a 2nd weekend." NH.

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Basilisk Data Ltd.,
c/o 10 Church View,
S43 4LN.

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