Does your WiFi need a check up?

WiFi is something that we take for granted these days, but when you start getting performance and other issues what do can you do?

Firstly, change your SSID password. This is the password supplied is always specific to your own device. Most ISP’s now recommend changing this to a memorable one between 8-12 characters and a mix of lower case, upper case and numerical – example of this could be Flowers - fL0w3r5.

A lot of the domestic broadband routers from ISP’s have auto channel switching to give the best signal to your devices. On 2.4ghz there are 1-14 channels. This means that if you can detect 5-6 individual WiFi networks from your home they should theoretically be on the same channel, but maybe not!!

One of the first things you can do is to change your settings to pick a specific channel and see if it improves (normally on the far end of the spectrum) If this doesn’t work then try adjusting the location of your wireless router.

If any of this sounds confusing or doesn’t make much sense, don’t worry. At Basilisk Data we specialise in Wireless Lan Surveys that are unobtrusive and highly accurate to help you find the best location for your current router or we can install a small Wireless Access point in a discreet, optimal location in your property or business to improve the coverage seamlessly. We have and continue to do this work in listed buildings, domestic homes, large scale warehouse depots and supermarkets.

We are also working on an exciting new project on providing our own custom Basilisk Data branded Wireless Hotpots to businesses such as cafés, fast food retailers and sports clubs. This will be something we host and directly provide the business owners with vital details to improve marketing for the specific business. So watch this space!!

If you are interested in improving your WiFi health or would like to enquire about our new hotspots please give us a call.

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