So, what is it that you do?

It’s a question that we’re asked quite often & sometimes is difficult to respond to because what we do is quite a niche service, although we have expanded our services over the years.

Primarily we configure, install and troubleshoot network equipment in computer rooms, call centres & data centres for our clients. Our largest client is a large High Street Bank, who we have worked with since our incorporation in 1994 and continue to do so. The majority of equipment that we install has been Cisco devices & so we have invested time & money by sending our engineers on the Cisco ICND courses, some have gone on to complete the CCNA qualification.

As time has progressed, as a company, we have been asked to provide other services to existing & new clients. We have always tried to help & if we haven’t been able to provide the service ourselves, invariably we have found someone who can. Services that we have provided are Project Management & in doing so have had staff trained for the PRINCE2 & CSM qualifications. Also we have been asked to provide staff to look at the design & build of the computer rooms that we work in. Once again the correct training was sourced & engineers were sent on the CDCDP courses & gained the relevant certifications. We have worked with server blade centres, storage area networks & data warehousing, voice recording systems and also mid-range server infrastructure as the need has arisen, but always worked with the network behind it all. More recently we have spent time investing in the right equipment to provide Wireless LAN surveys for clients so that companies can have wireless networks within their offices that provide the best coverage for the space that they occupy.

Throughout our time in business we have always aimed to be flexible and responsive to clients’ needs & requirements. Sometimes this has meant receiving a call on the Sunday evening of a Bank Holiday weekend and providing engineering resources to a site the next morning, but we've done it. On another occasion, a chance conversation on a night out led to us saying “we can do that”. We went to the client site, had an in-depth talk, supplied a project plan with a quote and got to complete the work for the client.

So, what do we do? We do what we can for you, when you want it doing & at a price that both parties are happy with. We work to complete our tasks with all reasonable effort, and make a good job of it too. Sixteen years at a major High St Bank should be testament to that.

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