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‘Basilisk Data, that’s a funny name, why is it called Basilisk Data?’ is a question most of our employees and associates are used to. Well, it’s time to put the record straight, and enlighten all our customers, past, present and future.

When Pat Mackenney started the company 16 years ago, he asked his family for ideas. His youngest daughter, after researching lizards for an art project, suggested Basilisk after the green basilisk lizard. The green basilisk is also known as the plumed or double crested basilisk, but it’s most common pseudonym is the ‘Jesus Christ Lizard’ because of its remarkable ability to walk or run on water.

Their long fringed toes increase surface area, and when startled, they can run at speeds of up to 5 metres/second and can run across water for up to 4 metres, before sinking under the water and swimming away from any predator. They grow up to 60 cm long, and can be found in Central America, from South Mexico to Panama. The hatchlings weight just 2 grams, but are born with the ability to swim, and to walk and run on land and water.

So, Basilisk Data is named after the green basilisk or Jesus Christ lizard. Does that mean our project managers and engineers share this ability to walk on water? Sadly not, but they do ensure that projects are completed on time and on budget, which, in the world of IT and project management, is quite close to walking on water!!

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